What is open pollinated?

Answer varieties that are no longer protected by patent law and do not require you pay royalties to the breeder.

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Open-Pollinated Flower Seeds?

Open-pollinated plants are pollinated naturally by birds, bugs or wind, and then produce seeds that grow into plants true to the same type as their parent plants. Open-pollination flowers include ... Read More »

Are all heirloom seeds open pollinated?

Heirloom and open pollinated are interchangeable terms used to describe plant seeds. These plants will keep the same traits throughout the generations unless cross-pollinated, according to the Uni... Read More »

Varieties of Open Pollinated Coreopsis?

Coreopsis, or tickseed, is a perennial herb belonging to the aster family. It has daisylike flowers with fringed edges and is available in gold, yellow or pink. It also has uses outside the garden.... Read More »

How do I save open pollinated vegetable seeds?

SelectionCollect seeds from the most desirable fruits on the handsomest plants in your garden. Allow the fruit to reach full maturity. Tomato, pepper, bean and pea plants make the best candidates. ... Read More »