What is open captioning?

Answer Open captioning is a technique used to supply information to deaf and hearing-impaired viewers attending showings of films and stage performances. The titling is similar to foreign language subtitl... Read More »

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What does cc3 mean in closed captioning?

CC3 is simply a designator for closed captioning 3, one of the data streams reserved for closed captioning content. CC3 is often used for alternate captioning, such as in Spanish, but its usability... Read More »

What are Handheld Captioning devices at Walt Disney World?

Closed captioning on t.v.?

My daughter is a CSR (Certified Shorthand Reporter). The software she uses on her system builds dictionaries based on her strokes. Those keyboards are weird, everything is symbolic. She used to ... Read More »

How to Remove Closed Captioning?

Closed captioning is a function intended to assist the hearing impaired while watching television. It is also helpful in sound-sensitive situations such as a gym, sports bar or at home with others ... Read More »