What is oolong tea extract?

Answer There are many different types of tea extracts and each tea extract is made a different way and offers different benefits. Many people take tea extracts for health benefits. Oolong tea extract is t... Read More »

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Why date seed extract and grape extract would chnage the level of blood sugar so fast?

Dates and cakes are full of carbs.Carbs raise blood sugar.Easy .

Can lemon extract be used in place of vanilla extract?

It is possible to use lemon extract in place of vanilla extract, but lemon extract has a different flavor. Lemon extract is not considered an appropriate substitute for vanilla extract if you want ... Read More »

What is Oolong Tea ?

It is semi fermented tea that has caffeine in it. It is good in reducing blood pressure and helps with weight loss. etc. There's a lot other benefit if you just research online.

Are oolong tea& wu long tea the same?

Oolong tea and wu long tea are the same. Oolong is typically a name used in the western world, while wu long is the traditional Chinese name. The tea is a cross between green and black tea and is ... Read More »