What song best describes the love for your child?

Answer Adele: Make You Feel My LoveVideo and lyrics under the blurb bit:…it's just a gorgeous song and makes me a little weepy, lol

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Name a soap opera tittle that best describes your love life?

for family fued: days of our lives, one life to live, guiding light, passions, all my children, the young and the restless, as the world turns

R&P: What is one song that neatly describes your LOVE LIFE at the moment?…I wish I was kiddingWow this is a depressing group of answers. We are the lonely hearts club band.

What word describes when a king gives up his crown?

The word that is used to describe a king giving up his crown is "abdicate." A prime example of abdication occurred in 1936 when King Edward VIII of Great Britain gave up his throne in order to marr... Read More »

What is the meaning of the word love?

The word "love" can function as a noun, as in "love is blind" and as a transitive verb, as in "I love you." Like "healthy" ("'healthy food" vs. "healthy person"), the word "love" has more than one... Read More »