What is one vegetable you never serve to guests?

Answer Lima Beans

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What we can and can't serve our vegan guests for dinner?

Try this website, its worked plenty of times for me.

What is a good alcoholic beverage to serve my guests?

Depends on the food you're serving.But the parties I go to always seems to end with body shots for some reason..

What are some healthy meats I can serve my vegetarian guests?

I can see why you have that screen name.Tofu or beans would do it beans are a source of protein but are not meat.also you could grind walnuts on top of salad

What do you serve at a grill-out if you just found out one of your guests is vegan?

Veggie kabobs! Grilled veggies ect. Make sure to grill them or cook them seperately to meat... even if meat touches veggies they refuse to eat it. Honestly most vegetarians/vegans bring their own f... Read More »