What is one thing you cannot do online that you wish you could?

Answer A total Immersible Virtual reality; where you could physically step into, and actually browse with your hands, spoken words. Meet people, person to person or avatar to avatar. Play chess with a ... Read More »

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What was the last thing that you bought online?

An Ifinite 3d concert(kpop). It was great.

What is a good thing to do by yourself in a room besides reading , going online and watching tv?

Draw, write your own stories, play on a hand-held gaming system, fool around with a pillow or something, anything really.

Is there such thing as better life the game online played by Zack and woody and Cody?

Is the thing on the table in Torchwood Episode 9 of season 1 the thing that closes anomalies in Primeval?

yes it is i noticed that as well. us eagle eyed veiwers ay