What is one substance that is passed from a foetus to its mother?

Answer its possible

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What are some of the effect of not taking all routine drugs during pregnancy on the foetus and mother?

What is the treatment for IgG toxoplasma positive and IgM negative in a newly aborted mother with 12 week old foetus?

Is the foetus at risk if the expectant mother is exposed to chicken pox?

Yes very much so. it is advised that pregnant women avoid contact w anyone who has chickenpox as it can be fatal 2 the fetus.

If a person is suffering from loneliness and his mother tells him that he can't depend on other people to cheer him up and that he has to do it himself is his mother helping?

Answer Well, she's trying to and what she says is essentially true, but it might not sound nice to hear. She could encourage him to join a club of some kind and get out more. That way, he'd be m... Read More »