What is one food that you liked in the past but now don't like anymore?

Answer Bacon. As a kid, I thought it was meat candy just like everyone else, but for the past 5 years or so, it makes me sick every time I eat it and I can't stand the taste.

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What is one food that you disliked in the past but now you like a lot?

Peanut butter - UNBELIEVABLY. The first ever brand I bought was the cheapest rubbish ever. I can't live without it now.Wholegrain BreadBread crustsOnions!Omlette - I thought you had to have them w... Read More »

What food you didn't like b/c of how it looked but once you took a chance & tasted it you suddenly liked it?

I went to a picnic, and they were serving something that looked extremely gross. It was pickles wrapped up in ham with some cream cheese. Eww, it still sounds disgusting but it's so good!

Very Urgent : Is it not possible to bite my nails anymore like i did in my past [ please read further ]?

No do not try and remove the damaged nail. The body will take care of it and the process may take a while. Your nail biting habit is very bad as you know, and the ramifications can range from sever... Read More »

· Have you ever eaten something that you thought you wouldn't like, but found out that you actually liked it?

Curry and sushi (vegan)... which i LOVE now =D