What is one food that you disliked in the past but now you like a lot?

Answer Peanut butter - UNBELIEVABLY. The first ever brand I bought was the cheapest rubbish ever. I can't live without it now.Wholegrain BreadBread crustsOnions!Omlette - I thought you had to have them w... Read More »

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“When is one food you truly disliked at one time but that you have grown to enjoy?

pizza when i was a little kid because i didn't like vegetables at the time

What is one food that you liked in the past but now don't like anymore?

Bacon. As a kid, I thought it was meat candy just like everyone else, but for the past 5 years or so, it makes me sick every time I eat it and I can't stand the taste.

How to Know if You're Disliked?

Sometimes we all feel like we're getting a bad vibe from everyone! But how do you know if their just "staring" at you or do they actually dislike you?

What is the most disliked video on YT?

it WAS Rebecca Black's Friday. But since Rebecca had the original video removed the most disliked video is once again Baby by Justin Bieber