What is one food that makes you gag just seeing it without tasting it?

Answer Escargot~

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How to Eat Food Without Tasting It?

Have you ever been invited to a meal, only to find that that you don't like the food? These tips may help.

What food makes you want to vomit just from the smell of it?

Liver, most meat in general (especially pork!), chitterlings (aka chittlins).::EDIT:: Tea & answer your question, I really WISH it was just a warm meaty smell! It's the most awful thi... Read More »

How to get rid of sulfur burps and the bacteria that makes the sulfur tasting gas come up?

Take some antacid tablets like tums drike gatorade,plenty of liquids do not eat no greasy foods at all u can make it worse by not watchin what u eat ...stay on liquid diet ull be ok after 2 days if... Read More »

How can you tell if a woman is pregnant without seeing that she's missed her period?

Answer Breast tenderness/soreness, tiredness and fatigue as well as early morning sickness is common in early pregnancy. Answer The above can all be symptoms of something else as well. A positiv... Read More »