What is one bad habit you would like to stop?

Answer I have many bad habits I would like to stop, but since the question only asks for one, I think I will choose gossip. It seems like everyone gossips, like it's a normal, healthy part of social inte... Read More »

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Getting someone to stop a gross habit?

You could ask your Mom to mark some bottles/cartons just for his own personal use. If she doesn't cooperate, you will just have to grin and bear it. I know this is gross to you but it likely won'... Read More »


It is a bad habit. Do something else to get relax. For example, if i need any relax, i will call my family member and talk for some moment. It gives me a great relax. So, try some alternative for g... Read More »

How to Stop Your Habit of Being on the TV too Long?

Lots of people have a problem to get off the TV. Read for some ideas you can use to help you.

HELP~! I have a bad habit, I can't stop cracking my fingers?

Hey i'm 15 and i used to do that a lot when i was your age..... my fingers started growing wider at the knuckle, and i heard that i would get arthiritis from it but i recently learned that that was... Read More »