What can you do if your ex-husband has mind-washed your children against you and you haven't talked with your son for 2 years even though you have joint custody?

Answer I would get a better lawyer! Document the incidents of control, even better have someone witness one!==Answer==If you have joint custody, you need to get it enforced. As a parent, you need to know ... Read More »

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What is there to do on the computer when your bored out of your mind?

Absolutely nothing. The computer creates the boredom you are experiencing. Turn off the computer and get out of the house, even if it's only into your own backyard to look at the stars. Read a boo... Read More »

If you had to make a decision when you get old to either lose your mobility or your mind what would it be?

I wouldn't need to make this kind of decision because I am going to be fit and healthy arn't you?

What comes to your mind ?

What does cheese do to your mind?

Hooked on cheese?Many vegetarians who decide to go vegan have a hard time giving up dairy, especially cheese. This happens to most humans that consume dairy products, vegetarians or meat-eaters, bu... Read More »