What is on-board diagnostic in gm cars?

Answer Automotive electronics have gone through several incarnations over the years. Modern GM computer controls serve two main functions: providing output signals to run the vehicle's vital systems, and... Read More »

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Diagnostic Testing for Cars?

By 2010, diagnostic testing in cars had evolved to a point where an aftermarket repair technician has access to many different data points that allow him to quickly pinpoint a problem with a vehicl... Read More »

About Diagnostic Computers for Trucks & Cars?

Diagnostic computers are invaluable tools in troubleshooting problems with vehicles. Used by mechanics and consumers, the computers come in a variety of sizes and price ranges and enable users to ... Read More »

Diagnostic Tools for Mercedes Cars?

Mercedes has been one of the premier manufacturers of luxury automobiles in Europe and the United States. Founded in 1901, Mercedes is also the oldest automobile company in existence today. Like ot... Read More »

How do I Use the Cadillac on Board Diagnostic?

A Cadillac's on board diagnostics will sense a problem with the car and issue a trouble code. This code is stored in the Cadillac's computer, and it will activate the "Service Soon" or "Check Engi... Read More »