What is on a Texas driver license?

Answer Texas driver's licenses are primarily used to establish that a person is fit to operate a vehicle in the state. They are also a widely accepted form of identification when boarding a plane, writing... Read More »

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How to Change a Name on a Texas Driver License?

In Texas, to change a name on a Texas driver license (TDL) requires the applicant to complete and submit an application in person at any Texas Department of Public Safety (TXDPS) Drivers License Of... Read More »

Do you need a driver license to get a motorcycle license?

Some States require a car driver's license before you can have a motorcycle endorsement. Some States will allow a motorcycle only driver's license. Only you can guess where is the world you are, ... Read More »

If your license has been revoked can you get auto insurance for a financed car by listing your boyfriend who is licensed as the driver and yourself as a non-driver?

Answer If your licensed has been revoked, you can make him rated driver on the vehicle, (if he lives in the household) and you as a non driver. You don't want lienholder to enforce insurance on it,... Read More »

Can a person with a valid International Driving License but without a US drivers license get auto insurance in Texas?

Insurance in Texas Yes, but it is at the discretion of each insurer. You may have the best luck with a non standard company.