What does Bravo have to do with?

Answer It refers to the letter B.

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What is a 21 bravo?

21B was a Military Occupational Speciality in the United States Army. 21B was the MOS for enlisted Combat Engineers, prior to the reorganisation which occurred from 2001 to 2004. The 21B MOS no lon... Read More »

What does"bravo zulu"mean?

The military uses a phonetic alphabet in radio communications to avoid confusion between letters that sound alike. In this phonetic alphabet "A,B,C" becomes "Alpha, Bravo, Charlie." Bravo is used f... Read More »

Who makes bravo canopies?

Bravo canopies are manufactured by Shade Tech, which is based in Santa Fe Springs, California. Shade Tech also manufacture other brands of canopies. A link to its contact information can be found i... Read More »

Fiat Bravo Cam Tools?

The cam lobes in a Fiat Bravo are used to push the valves open and closed as the camshaft turns. These intake and exhaust valves open and close in time with the pistons, causing the Fiat engine to ... Read More »