What is on BBC 1 and channel 4 at 7 pm this evening?

Answer Qi is hosted by Stephen Fry.

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What did you eat for dinner this evening?

What did you have for dinner this evening?

My next door neighbour brought me some food round.I got some Saltfish & Akee, Goat Curry, Fried dumplings and Rice & Peas.I love West Indian food.

What have you had for dinner this evening?

i had pork chops, with lots of onions, mushrooms and garlic. And all of that was covered in this spicy korean sauce that my korean roomate told me about. soooooooooo good.

What are we having for dinner if I am to eat with you this evening?

I'll disappoint you, it was pizza tonight ! Vegetarian of course. It was called a "Scarpeta", with eggs, mozzarella, zucchinis and grilled eggplants. With a green salad and a banana for dessert.