What was head phone used for when it was first invented?

Answer The manual for the LG800G shows describes a "handsfree or stereo earphone connector." It requires a (larger than some) 3.5mm male plug.

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When the sport of basketball was first invented what kind of ball was used?

Dr. James Naismith invented basketball so that his students at the YMCA Training School would have a sport to play in the cold winters of Massachusetts. Players used two peach baskets and a soccer... Read More »

What non-perishable food items are the most nutritious?

Hmm all i can think of is jello, pudding cups, fruit cups, cereal, cereal bars, dried/ freeze dried fruit, canned fish, applesauce, nuts, pickles, olives, and jam/jellyNot sure how the jello and pu... Read More »

What food items are allowed on delta flights?

As of February 2011, Delta Airlines does not have an itemized list of food allowed on flights. You are permitted to take food and beverages purchased after you clear the security checkpoint on the ... Read More »

What is one thing you will not eat ( and I do mean food items:) )?

mushrooms & fish, the smell of seafood makes me hurl. seriously