What is oleoresin capsicum?

Answer An oleoresin is a naturally occurring substance made up of a combination of an oil and a resin. Oleoresin capiscum is an oleoresin extracted from chili peppers (the Capiscum genus). It has several ... Read More »

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What is a red capsicum?

The word "capsicum" substitutes for sweet pepper or bell pepper in British English. Actually, the genus name "capsicum" encompasses all brands of peppers including hot peppers.HistoryTropical Ameri... Read More »

What Is Capsicum?

Capsicum is a genus of plant in the nightshade family. All its species produce pods known as peppers. The botanical term "capsicum" includes the full range of plants from sweet bell peppers to the ... Read More »

How do I plant capsicum?

Greenhouse StartPlant capsicum seeds in a warm greenhouse in light, well-drained soil. Give the seeds six to eight weeks in the greenhouse before transplanting outside.Garden TransplantTransplant t... Read More »

Is a capsicum a fruit?

According to the dictionary definition, a fruit is "the part of a seed-bearing plant that contains the fertilized seeds capable of generating a new plant." The Mexican capsicum, commonly referred t... Read More »