How to Mod "Oblivion" Using a USB?

Answer "Oblivion," the fourth game of the Elder Scrolls series, permits you to use third-party add-ons to modify the game. These mod files may be added to your "Oblivion" installation from any source, suc... Read More »

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How to Turn the AI off on Oblivion?

Here is how to turn off the AI in TES4: Oblivion, this can be useful to take screenshots of creatures without them killing you!

How to Fix Bloodgrass on "Oblivion" for PS3?

Bloodgrass is a plant that grows in and around "Oblivion" gates across the land of Tamriel. The plant has medicinal properties and is essential for the vampirism cure quest to cure the player of th... Read More »

The Best Dungeons in Oblivion?

There are more than 100 dungeons that contain enemy creatures, treasure and information in the role-playing game Oblivion. Any structure that includes an underground component, including caves, for... Read More »

How to Get a House in Oblivion?

You may want to buy a house in oblivion. Here is how.