What is objective medical information for depression?

Answer The National Institute of Mental Health classifies depression as a treatable mental illness. It can affect anyone. Depression is defined as a prolonged state of emotions of sadness, rejection, mise... Read More »

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Can Wikipedia be trusted as an objective source of information?

It isn't a question of whether or not *Wikipedia* can be trusted; each article and topic has to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, because a different set of people authors and controls each art... Read More »

How to Get Medical Information?

Getting correct medical information can be the difference between life and death. Maybe your problem isn't quite that severe, but you still need to know how to get the proper information.

How do you get medical insurance when you have depression and take medication and Blue Cross denied coverage and don't qualify for low income coverage?

Answer You can get coverage through the Benefits Companies also known as Discount Plans.Research the companies and look for the highest discount, what all they give you as a member, and the amount ... Read More »

What information do I put on a medical ID bracelet?

Doctors and health care companies recommend wearing a medical ID bracelet. In an emergency, you might be unable to speak. A medical identification bracelet can improve care and avoid errors in diag... Read More »