Are seat belts made of nylon?

Answer When Ford motor company first introduced the seat belt in 1956, the belts were made of nylon. Nylon is an inexpensive and durable material, making it a suitable fabric for seat belts. Car manufactu... Read More »

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Are 3/16 nylon washers the same size as 5mm nylon washers?

3/16 nylon washers are the same size as 5mm nylon washers. The only difference between the two washer sizes is the method used to express the size: 3/16 refers to standard U.S. measures and 5mm ref... Read More »

What is nylon rope?

Nylon is a member of the plastics family and is crystalline in nature, which makes this material chemical and thermal resistant as well as durable. It is a good material to use for ropes.FeaturesA... Read More »

What is the chemical formula of nylon?

The chemical formula for nylon is C6H13NO. This means nylon contains six carbon atoms, 13 hydrogen atoms, and one atom each of nitrogen and oxygen. Nylon is considered a polyamide.References:Chemic... Read More »

What do the numbers mean in ballistic nylon?

According to San Diego Plastics, the numbers used to describe nylon refer to "how many methyl units (-CH2-) occur on each side of the nitrogen atoms (amide groups)." These affect the strength of th... Read More »