What is nursing negligence?

Answer The term "nursing negligence," is based on a general understanding of "negligence." Janet Beckmann, the author of "Nursing Negligence," defines it as "when a person is harmed because another person... Read More »

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Can I sue for negligence after six years?

In most cases, you cannot sue for negligence after six years. State law governs the statute of limitations, or the time limit to file a lawsuit. That limit varies by state and type of negligence. I... Read More »

Hospital negligence?

You definately have my condolences.I don't exactly entend to leave an exact answer as there are 4 good ones already listed. However I might add this. The fact so many hospitals are short staffed is... Read More »

How to Sue for Negligence in Colorado?

You can sue a person or business for loss, damage and personal injury because of negligence in Colorado. Negligence, in basic terms, is the failure of a person or business to act properly or reason... Read More »

What is negligence in assisted living?

Assisted living facilities provide housing to elderly individuals that need assistance with everyday functions, such as getting dressed, eating and bathing, but do not need as much care as people i... Read More »