What is ntfs?

Answer NTFS or New Technology File System is the standard file system of Windows NT and its descendants: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Vista.Microsoft currently provides a tool... Read More »

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What is an NTFS partition?

A computer's hard disk drive may have several partitions. These partitions may have any type of file system installed on them. NTFS, short for New Technology File System, is one type of file system... Read More »

Fat32 to ntfs?

In short:1) Back up all of your important stuff.2) type:CONVERT C: /FS:NTFSat a command prompt.

How to Format From NTFS to Fat 32?

New Technology File System (NTFS) and File Allocation Table 32 (FAT 32) are computer file storage architectures that utilize your hard drive in different ways. FAT 32 made its first appearance in W... Read More »

How to Fix Ntfs Error?

The NT FileSystem (default for most Windows operating system versions) has features such as journaling that make it somewhat resistant to file system errors. However these may occur. Errors can (mo... Read More »