What is normal maintenance for a laser printer ?

Answer Blow it out with air (like can air) and keep the toner cartridge dry

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How can i print cancel of laser printer in fastest way... In normal it take minimum five minutes and more so?

Run this Microsoft Application to clear the print queue.It takes about 10 secondsThis will clear all pending or unwanteddocuments that have already been printed and needs to be removed.It can also ... Read More »

How can i buy a Neura Laser Color Printer - High Speed Laser Log Printer online?

Here is a site that will sell you one…

Does the Lexmark-Z715 printer have laser printer toner cartridgesis it a low emissions printer?

No, this is a thermal inkjet printer, not a laser.

Which printer is better for sticker paper printing laser printer or dot-matrix printer?

Inkjet is probably the best, but if you don't have access to an inkjet printer, you would be better off with a laser printer... HOWEVER -- make sure the sticker paper you are using is MADE FOR LASE... Read More »