What is normal glucose blood test?

Answer Blood glucose testing measures how the body metabolizes blood sugar. Glucose levels change all the time depending on what you've eaten and how much, when you ate and if you exercised. Blood glucose... Read More »

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What is a blood glucose test?

A blood glucose test is a blood test that checks the level of sugar in the blood. It is used by doctors to diagnose diabetes. It is also used by diabetics to monitor their control over their blood ... Read More »

What is the normal range of random blood glucose in non diabetics?

The normal range of random blood glucose is between 100 milligrams per deciliter and 140 milligrams per deciliter in non-diabetics, according to Mission Heath Systems. Readings between 140 milligra... Read More »

Can anyone tell me what normal glucose blood levals are or should be?

In the UK between 5-7 is the normal range.

What is the meaning of glucose blood test results?

As part of your regular health exam, your doctor may order a blood sample to be drawn and tested for glucose (blood sugar) levels. You may be required to fast (not eat any food) for a period of tim... Read More »