What is non-Western art?

Answer When Westerners think of the great works of art, they think of Da Vinci's "Mona Lisa," Beethoven's Fifth Symphony and Greek architecture. They may not always consider that on the other side of the ... Read More »

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Several Ways in Which Western & Non-Western Art Differ?

Western and non-Western art are different in terms of techniques and mediums used, culture, aesthetic ideals, religion and philosophy. Non-Western art refers to art that is not derived from Europea... Read More »

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Which is better the western digital caviar green WD20EARX or the western digital caviar black WD2001FASS ?

I have had trouble with two WD "green" hard dirves.One only lasted three months and since it was in a computer I bought, I could NOT exchange it without sending in the whole computer. Not practica... Read More »

What do western scrub jays eat?

The azure blue western scrub jay is an omnivore, eating a diet of primarily insects and fruit during the warmer months and subsisting on nuts and seeds during the fall and winter months. It is capa... Read More »