What is nitrogen fertilizer?

Answer Fertilizers contain necessary nutrients for plant growth such as phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen--the macronutrient that forms the basis for plant (and animal) protein. An efficient amount of ... Read More »

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What is liquid nitrogen plant fertilizer?

Liquid nitrogen fertilizer capitalizes on plants needing nitrogen as well as other nutrients. The fertilizers can be organic or not.OrganicOrganic liquid nitrogen fertilizers must contain nitrogen ... Read More »

What Fertilizer Do I Use in the Spring on a Nitrogen-Starved Lawn?

Well-maintained lawns are an attractive addition to any home. However, poor soil conditions can result in a lackluster yard. Low levels of nitrogen are one reason that your soil loses out on approp... Read More »

Nitrogen Fertilizer Types?

Nitrogen is a necessary ingredient in soil for agriculturalists to produce high-yielding crops. Some plants produce their own nitrogen, and some nitrogen is contributed to the soil by rainfall, but... Read More »

Nitrogen Fertilizer Recommendations?

Nitrogen is the nutrient needed in the highest quantities by plants and lawns. Recommended rates of nitrogen in complete fertilizers should be in a ratio to phosphorous and potassium of 3:1:2 or 4:... Read More »