What is nitrocellulose used for?

Answer Nitrocellulose is a polymer made from cellulose that has been treated with sulfuric and nitric acids. Nitrocellulose has a pulpy or cottonlike appearance and is used in the manufacturing of explosi... Read More »

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How to Dry Nitrocellulose?

Nitrocellulose synthesis involves the use of cotton balls as a source of cellulose, nitric acid and sulphuric acid. When the cellulose in the cotton ball is exposed to nitric acid, a process known ... Read More »

Can I use Scratch X on nitrocellulose?

Meguiar's says you can use Scratch X on a car's nitrocellulose paint finishes. According to company's website, Scratch X's exclusive micro-abrasive system removes blemishes and scratches that occur... Read More »

What Is Nitrocellulose Lacquer?

According to, nitrocellulose lacquer is made from “an alkyd and nitrocellulose resin dissolved and then mixed with solvents that evaporate quickly.” The substance is used to... Read More »

Is nitrocellulose toxic?

Nitrocellulose is not toxic, but when alcohol is added to nitrocellulose, the mixture does become toxic. The more alcohol that is added, the more toxic it becomes. The vapors have the potential to ... Read More »