What is a nitro car?

Answer A nitro car is just like a remote control car, with the exception that the nitro car has a small engine that runs on nitro fuel.

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What is nitro gas fuel?

Nitro fuel is a special type of fuel that is used for remote-controlled (RC) cars, airplanes, trucks and boats. Nitro fuel is not gasoline; the type of engine it is made for are nitro engines, also... Read More »

How expensive is an nitro RC car?

from 100-1100 dollars it verys on were you by it used is cheaper than new

What Is Nitro DS Emulator?

The Nitro DS Emulator is one of the many emulators available on the Internet for replicating the Nintendo DS system. It is based on an official software system that was created by Intelligent Syst... Read More »

Who invented the first nitro rc car?

Mardave, a British company, developed the first nitro radio-controlled vehicle in 1971. Mardave also created the first radio-controlled racing circuit in 1972. The company still produces nitro radi... Read More »