What is a nitro car?

Answer A nitro car is just like a remote control car, with the exception that the nitro car has a small engine that runs on nitro fuel.

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What Is Nitro DS Emulator?

The Nitro DS Emulator is one of the many emulators available on the Internet for replicating the Nintendo DS system. It is based on an official software system that was created by Intelligent Syst... Read More »

What is nitro gas fuel?

Nitro fuel is a special type of fuel that is used for remote-controlled (RC) cars, airplanes, trucks and boats. Nitro fuel is not gasoline; the type of engine it is made for are nitro engines, also... Read More »

What is the gas mileage on a Dodge Nitro?

The Fuel Economy government website states that the 2010 Dodge Nitro gets a combined 17 miles per gallon, with 16 in the city and 20 on the highway. This is for a 4L, six-cylinder engine with a fiv... Read More »

What if your nitro RC car wont start?

Possibly, You have flooded your engine and you have to wait or you have a flat Glow Lighter. Or you'r actual Car batteries are dead!