What is nitro gas fuel?

Answer Nitro fuel is a special type of fuel that is used for remote-controlled (RC) cars, airplanes, trucks and boats. Nitro fuel is not gasoline; the type of engine it is made for are nitro engines, also... Read More »

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How to Mix Nitro Fuel With Gasoline?

Nitro fuel is a mixture of several elements that creates a less-combustible and cooler fuel, providing more power. It can slow the process of or prevent overheating. Nitro fuel is a mix of 30 perce... Read More »

How to Make Nitro Fuel?

Anyone can have the coolest and fastest radio-controlled car by making nitro fuel. However, bear in mind that it will not be easy at all. Nitro fuel gets its name from one of its three primary in... Read More »

Do nitro Top Fuel cars have a radiator?

They do not use a radiator or water. Instead, the engine's special fuel and the intake of supercharged air become the coolants. Top Fuel (the most powerful classification in drag racing) typically ... Read More »

What is a nitro car?

A nitro car is just like a remote control car, with the exception that the nitro car has a small engine that runs on nitro fuel.