What is neutering a dog?

Answer A male dog is neutered when it undergoes a procedure to remove its reproductive organs to prevent it from producing offspring. Only male dogs are neutered, whereas female dogs are spayed.How the Pr... Read More »

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How Much Should I Pay for Spaying or Neutering?

A taxicab is a passenger vehicle that has been licensed for commercial operation. Taxicabs use a meter to determine the fare and charge according to distance traveled, time spent on the ride or a c... Read More »

Tips After Neutering a Cat?

Neutering is a process that many male cats go through. Small incisions are made along the scrotum and the testicles are removed from the cat's body. The incisions are then sewed back up. After this... Read More »

Feline Neutering?

Neutering, also known as castration and orchidectomy, is performed on male cats to prevent them from being able to sire kittens. This common procedure is highly recommended for animals that will no... Read More »

How soon after neutering your dog can you exercise him?

On One Hand: Light Activity Following SurgeryYour dog should be able to walk and move easily after being neutered. Light activity, such as short walks around the house or a walk around a yard on a ... Read More »