What is nerve dysplasia?

Answer Nerve dysplasia, also called septo-optic dysplasia, refers to an eye condition in which the septum pellucidum, the part of the brain that facilitates visual messages, doesn't properly develop. The ... Read More »

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If you chipped your tooth and a small part of your nerve was showing how possible is it that the nerve will die?

AnswerWithout a root canal the chances are slim to none. You are in for some serious pain.Make a dental appointment. Or if money is an issue, contact a dental school to see if you can get low-cost ... Read More »

What is elbow dysplasia?

Elbow dysplasia, a collection of conditions (syndrome) that adversely affect the elbow joints of dogs, might cause limping and may eventually cripple the affected dog. Treatment is available but ou... Read More »

What is the cost of dog hip dysplasia surgery?

The cost of surgery to correct Canine hip dysplasia depends on a number of factors, including the type of surgery, the age of the dog, the severity of the hip dysplasia, how many surgeries are need... Read More »

What Are the Treatments for Hip Dysplasia in Large Dogs?

Hip dysplasia occurs when the ball and socket joint in a dog's hip doesn't fit tightly together, causing the bones to grind together and wear down over time. The ball and socket joint in a dog with... Read More »