What is nerve dysplasia?

Answer Nerve dysplasia, also called septo-optic dysplasia, refers to an eye condition in which the septum pellucidum, the part of the brain that facilitates visual messages, doesn't properly develop. The ... Read More »

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If you chipped your tooth and a small part of your nerve was showing how possible is it that the nerve will die?

AnswerWithout a root canal the chances are slim to none. You are in for some serious pain.Make a dental appointment. Or if money is an issue, contact a dental school to see if you can get low-cost ... Read More »

How to Tell If a Dog Has Hip Dysplasia?

Hip dysplasia is a common ailment seen in larger dogs, but can affect any dog no matter what age or size. Dysplasia occurs when the socket and ball in the hip area don't fit together properly. Hip ... Read More »

How Can I Tell If My Dog Has Hip Dysplasia?

The dog's hip joint is like ours; it consists of a ball and socket. If the socket is too shallow, the ball doesn't fit snugly and moves during motion. This is known as hip dysplasia, unfortunately ... Read More »

Can you use a heating pad for a dog with hip dysplasia?

According to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, a heating pad can be extremely beneficial for a dog suffering from hip dysplasia. It works by relieving pain associated with joints that are chro... Read More »