What is neoprene ducting?

Answer Neoprene ducting is tubing used to transport air, either hot or cold, in ventilation systems, air conditioners, and airplane and car engines. Neoprene, a type of synthetic waterproof and oil-resist... Read More »

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How to Crimp Ducting Together?

Connecting round duct work correctly allows air to efficiently flow through an air conditioning system. Assembling duct connections by crimping and inserting the crimped end of the pipe into a non-... Read More »

How to Clean Room Ducting?

Ductwork is the series of pipes that distribute conditioned air (hot or cold) throughout your home. It's obvious that the cleaner this air is, the cleaner your home will be; cleaning the system onc... Read More »

How to Do Ducting for Dryer Routing?

Ducting is the material that connects to the rear of a clothes dryer and then to an outside vent to channel and discharge the heated air from the dryer. Aluminum duct to route the air out of the dr... Read More »

How to Join Rectangular Ducting?

Installing rectangular duct work requires care. Care must be taken to ensure the duct sections are properly joined together in order to have a strong and efficient system that is free of those expe... Read More »