What is neem used for?

Answer Neem is a type of evergreen tree. Traditional forms of Indian medicine, such as Ayurveda, use the stem of the neem tree as a tonic; the leaves, to treat infections; and the bark, to treat certain d... Read More »

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Neem tree has many uses.Have you ever used neem tree twigs for brushing your teeth?

Neem is an extremely useful tree. From roots to flowers every part of the tree is useful . It has not become as popular as it ought to be because for westerners synthesizing individual chemicals i... Read More »

What is the substance in neem tree that is used as an insecticide?

The active constituent in the Neem plant is Azadirachtin. It is an anti-feedant, repellent and insecticide.

How do I make neem oil from the neem leaves instead of the seeds?

you can't from leafs just boil the leafs as strong tea paw paw seeds wil helpplace the seeds in a blender and make a past

Can neem concentrate be used for preventing brown rot on apricot trees?

Neem concentrate is not recommended for the prevention of brown rot on apricot trees. However, neem concentrate is effective for black rot on apricots. According to the Louisiana State University A... Read More »