What is needed to make the picture look better on a hdtv using a standard def. dish network receiver?

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How do I Use the Dish Network HDTV Receiver to Pick Up Local Channels?

Dish Network offers a high definition programming option, allowing you to view all of your television stations, including local channels in HD (as long as the station and programming is produced in... Read More »

If I buy a HDTV convertor box that is coming out, I won't need a Dish HD receiver or HDTV?

You are correct. The converter box will convert the over the air antenna signal from digital to analog for old TVs. From your question, i'm assuming you are presently using an antenna. Those who us... Read More »

Can you use a dish receiver from Dish Network as a receiver from a cable supplier?

Can you use an HR21 receiver with a standard 18 Inch DirecTV dish until they install an HD dish?

An HR21 receiver may indeed be used with a standard 18-inch DirecTV dish. When setting up the receiver, select the 18-inch round dish instead of the slimline 5 dish. You will receive programming wi... Read More »