What is needed to do to get a package through customs?

Answer Um..... Well.... I wonder.... Well common sence would tell you that you need a package!

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How to Go Through U.S. Customs?

Before entry into the United States, all passengers must first clear United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Many people dread this experience, but by following these steps, you will cle... Read More »

Have you ever had a package delivered that didn't fit through the back door What did you do?

I think the back door, is actually designed as an Exit, and to deliver anything through it, a gross breach of etiquette! The front door is a far better option, as it is designed to be welcoming, an... Read More »

Can I overnight a package through FedEx on a Saturday?

You can send a package via FedEx Overnight on Saturday, but it will not be delivered until the next business day. Same Day delivery service is the only FedEx shipping option that will allow your pa... Read More »

How big a hole is needed through a wall for 6"stovepipe?

For the placement of a six-inch pipe, a 22-inch diameter hole should be cut into the wall. This allows for four inches of noncombustible fiberglass to be inserted around an 18-inch diameter metal p... Read More »