What is needed to become a teacher in Ontario?

Answer Ontario, Canada, provides its teachers with uniform standards that allow each teacher to work efficiently at a high rigor. It is accountable to the public education system by ensuring that skilled... Read More »

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What courses are needed to become a teacher?

Each college or university offers a variety of different classes, but for education majors looking to teach, they will all take very similar classes. No matter the age or grade level you will be te... Read More »

What education is needed to become a math teacher?

The minimum education of a math teacher or a mathematician, that teaches grade or secondary school, is a bachelor's degree with a major in mathematics. Master's and doctoral degrees with concentrat... Read More »

What type of education is needed to become a teacher?

The type of education you need to become a teacher varies by the state you live in and the age group of the students you plan to teach. However, some educational requirements, such as a degree, are... Read More »

What qualifications are needed to become a nursery teacher?

Qualifications for nursery or preschool teachers vary from state to state and also depend on a school's funding source. For example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, "by 2011 all Head Start ... Read More »