What is needed for medical transcription?

Answer Medical transcription is a service provided by trained professionals with knowledge of medical terminology, grammar and transcription practices. Hospitals, doctor offices and transcription companie... Read More »

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What is needed to begin medical transcription?

Medical transcription is the process of listening to dictated reports by physicians and health care professionals and typing the information into a report. In order to begin a transcription career,... Read More »

What field makes more money: medical transcription or medical billing?

The average United States salary for a medical transcriptionist is about $5,000 more per year than a medical biller, according to The average salary for a medical transcriptionist is $3... Read More »

How to Learn Medical Terminology for Medical Transcription?

The job of a medical transcriptionist is to write out recordings dictated by doctors and other health care personnel. The data they're responsible to transcribe include documents such as patient re... Read More »

What is a medical transcription?

Doctors record dictation after making a diagnosis, performing an examination or operation, and prescribing treatment. Medical transcription is the process of turning this dictation into a written r... Read More »