What is needed for a football career?

Answer Dedication, discipline and hard work are the most important traits to have if you want to enjoy a successful football career. Learn to take care of your body if you're playing and prioritize your ... Read More »

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What type of skills are needed in a nursing career?

Anyone considering a career in nursing should understand the skill set that is required to be successful. While some of the specific skills are learned through training and practice, it is also imp... Read More »

How much education is needed for a career as a medical doctor?

To become a medical doctor you need at least 8 years of formal education according to Health Is All. However, even after you've completed the necessary 8 years of university study, you must work as... Read More »

Career As a Football Agent?

Famous athletes often sign contracts for large sums of money. While a player's performance helps him secure these deals, agents play a pivotal role in these contracts. Football agents help their pl... Read More »

Advice and suggestions needed about my poster for my new career as a gynecologist?

Rawr...I'd tap that in a heartbeat!!!By the way, have you heard about my vaginal discharge problem? Perhaps I could get you to take a peek inside.edit: LOL at sky's reply. Don't you just LOVE it ... Read More »