What is needed for a concealed weapons permit?

Answer Most states allow residents concealed weapons permits, giving them the legal right to carry a firearm in public places. Unlike open carry, where the firearm is in plain sight, concealed weapons are... Read More »

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Does a concealed weapons permit mean that the weapon must be concealed in Alabama?

If you hold a concealed weapons permit in Alabama you must keep the weapon concealed at all times. If you need to use the weapon, a judge or jury will determine if you showed good cause for drawing... Read More »

How do I obtain a concealed weapons permit in Florida?

EligibilityVisit the Florida Department for Agriculture and Consumer Services Division of Licensing website (a link is provided in the Reference section). Read about the eligibility requirements an... Read More »

Online Concealed Weapons Training?

In all but two states, anyone can get a permit to carry a concealed weapon -- usually a handgun -- to protect themselves from burglars and other attackers. To be a candidate for a concealed weapon ... Read More »

Can you carry concealed weapons in banks in Florida?

You can carry a concealed weapon in banks in Florida. Section 790.06 of the Florida Statutes offers a complete listing of places where concealed carry weapons permits are not honored, and therefore... Read More »