What is need to be a property manager of an association?

Answer Condominium, co-op and home owner association property managers can be responsible for as much or as little as the association board pays the property manager for. In order to qualify to play the ... Read More »

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Can a homeowner in a condominium association be the paid property manager?

Overall, this is probably not a good idea. Read your governing documents to determine whether or not this practice is allowed. (It is generally forbidden if the owner is also a board member.)Next,... Read More »

Can I file a countersuit against the home owners association for Theft of HOA funds by the property manager?

Your accusation sounds like there is already litigation afoot. You are best advised to seek counsel from an association-savvy attorney, who can review your evidence with you and help you decide whe... Read More »

What is the contact number for the Cliff Gardens town Homes Homeowners Association or the Property Manager?

Without a state listing, this will be a tough question to answer. You can ask anyone on the board of this association, or any property owner, who should have or be able to get that information for ... Read More »

Can a condo association place a lien on a property for non-payment of association fees?

Yes. The association can file a lien on your unit's title, which clouds it and which shows up on your credit rating. Read your governing documents to remind yourself of your contract with the asso... Read More »