What is necessary for DNA testing?

Answer DNA tests can determine if people are biologically related by matching unique genetic patterns. When DNA tests are used to establish or rule out paternity, they are nearly 100 percent accurate.Proc... Read More »

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When is genetic testing medically necessary?

On One Hand: Diagnosis and ClarificationTesting is valuable during high risk situations during pregnancy. Close family members, parents or siblings with a disorder and a high miscarriage rate can i... Read More »

How to Decide If Drug Testing Is a Good and Necessary Idea to Implement in Your School?

Drug testing is often done in the workplace as a requisite for employment, and some schools also test for drug use. Some educators and parents think this is a good idea whereas others don't. When t... Read More »

In which countries are the overseas testing locations of the US Army located and in what kind of testing are they involved?

The US doesn't tend to test within other countries' borders. However, they have many overseas testing locations, nearly all islands in the south pacific. Here, nuclear weapons were tested during th... Read More »

Oscilloscope Testing Techniques - Any Electronics site that Reveals Real-Life Component Testing?

Try the Electronic Repair site. It covers testing & repairing a vast number of components using oscilloscopes, multimeters and other industrial instruments.