What is naval jelly?

Answer Naval jelly is an often pink gel made from phosphoric acid. It is used to remove rust from metal surfaces and is most often encountered marketed as a rust remover.Phosphoric AcidThe main ingredient... Read More »

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Uses of Naval Jelly?

Phosphoric acid in gel form is known as naval jelly, and the product has a variety of applications. Always use caution when working with naval jelly, as it is highly corrosive and caustic; use only... Read More »

What is naval jelly used for?

Naval jelly is used to removal rust from steel or iron. It may also be as a preparation prior to painting metal and galvanized (zinc coated metal) surfaces. The paint adheres better after cleaning ... Read More »

What is Naval Jelly made from?

Naval Jelly primarily is made from phosphoric acid, although it also contains isopropyl alcohol, silica, surfactant and sulfuric acid. People primarily use Naval Jelly to remove rust from steel and... Read More »

How do I apply Naval Jelly?

Using Naval JellyWear a pair of safety goggles, a face mask and protective gloves. Work in a well-ventilated area when using Naval Jelly. Scrub the area using a wire brush to clear away heavier rus... Read More »