What is natto?

Answer Natto is a traditional Japanese foodstuff made of fermented soybeans. Those who manage to get past its notoriously unpleasant odor and sticky consistency often come to enjoy its earthy, nutty taste... Read More »

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How to Store Natto?

A delicacy to some and vile to others, the distinctive taste of natto requires acclimation of your taste buds. According to Chow, the Japanese prepare natto by fermenting cooked soybeans with a bac... Read More »

How is natto usually packaged?

Natto has a gooey consistency and is made from a fermented variety of soybean called natto. Natto is rich in protein but emits a strong odor that usually causes one to have to acquire a taste for t... Read More »

How to Enhance the Fermentation of Natto?

Natto is a traditional Japanese food made by fermenting soy beans. It is nutritious and is used as a medicine as well as food in Japan. Its health properties derive partly from its vitamin K, fiber... Read More »

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