What is native American traditional food?

Answer Obviously a lot of fish and game. As for fruits and veggies, Corn, beans, squash, peppers, sweet potatoes,potatoes, avocado, papaya, tomatoes, pineapple, strawberries, berries, cranberries, her... Read More »

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What snack food was invented by a Native American chief?

In 1853, chef George Crum, in response to a customer who complained that his french fries were too thick, attempted to make a french fry so thin the customer could not eat it with a fork. The resul... Read More »

What popular snack food was invented by a Native American chef?

George Crum, a Native American chef in New York, created the potato chip in 1853. The dish was an attempt to aggravate a customer who complained that Crum's French fries were too thick. However, th... Read More »

Traditional Native Use of Moqui Marbles?

Moqui marbles, also known as Shaman stones or thunderballs, are an unusual geological anomaly. Hollow iron oxide spheres surrounding a pink sandy core, the "marbles" form embedded in layers of sand... Read More »

What is Native American art?

In so many ways, everything the Native Americans made--for daily life, war, or spiritual ceremonies--is considered art. Native Americans, also called American Indians, created art with origins in t... Read More »