What is narrowing of the spine?

Answer Narrowing of the spine is a condition called spinal stenosis. This can affect the bones of the neck (cervical vertebrae) or the back (lumbar vertebrae) and cause problems in the spinal cord and spi... Read More »

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Can fusing of the lower spine be slowed or even stopped by moving it and arching the spine regularly?

Yes. Physical therapy followed by copious quantities of medication for pain management.Copious.

What is neural foraminal narrowing?

Neural foraminal narrowing, also called neural foraminal stenosis, affects your spine. More specifically, this disorder involves the narrowing of your foramina. Once your foramina become constricte... Read More »

I'm only 15, and already have a stable case of angina (The narrowing of blood vessels to the heart.)?

Who diagnosed you as having angina?Narrowing of vessels is due to chronic dehydration. When you become dehydrated, 66% of the water loss is from the cells, 26% is from the fluid held outside the ce... Read More »

I felt a pop near my spine?

You may a spinal disc herniation, or slipped disk. Unfortunately, going to the hospital won't do you much, unless the pain persist for a long time. Take some pain medication and relax, rest of the ... Read More »