Nair Like Never Before :)?

Answer nair is white... and it is thick. it won't work on his hair unless he leaves it in for a while and because its your brother there is a high chance he'll rub it in then quickly wash it off

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How did Ronald mc nair die?

If it is the Mcnair I am thinking of, he was killed in the Challenger spacecraft accident which essentially exploded while still in the atmosphere. Barbara Mcnair was a Black actress and singer, he... Read More »

Does Nair Really Work?

Your big sis was right and some people have a bad skin reaction to it as well.It works, but at a cost. Try is on your upper thigh in a small area 1st, to make sure you don't have a reaction. That... Read More »

Veet vs Nair Which is best?

Okay I believe that both brands are very similar, apart from the price range and how often Veet is more publicly advertised.Nair is a good brand and a lot of my friends use it compared to those who... Read More »

Why Does Nair Smell?

Nair depilatories are hair-removing products that provide a longer-lasting effect as compared to shaving. These depilatories come in the form of cream, lotion gel or wax. They are applied straight ... Read More »