Teens: What is your life story?

Answer Oh wow. I got a huge past at such a young age. You would love to use me. I will email you. If you dont have your email up i will come back here and edit.Yep, you dont have your email. I dont have t... Read More »

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What is a story about one's life called?

When authors write about their own lives, those books are called autobiographies or memoirs. Autobiographies view the life as a whole, while memoirs generally focus on one particular aspect of the ... Read More »

What is the story of"that's life"with julie andrews?

"That's Life!" is a 1986 comedic drama about an architect struggling emotionally as he approaches his 60th birthday. Jack Lemmon played the architect, and Julie Andrews, wife of the film's director... Read More »

What is a story you write about your own life called?

A story you write about your own life is called an autobiography. According to, it is your biography narrated by yourself. An autobiography that has a more narrow focus is a mem... Read More »

What is your favorite movie that is based on a real life story?

Hey Logan! :)I couldn't just pick one, but the few that instantly came to mind:1) The Pianist Conviction (this one absolutely shocked me, the mere fact that s... Read More »