Help with my grandmothers phone?

Answer text message centre is the area where you can access to texts you sent and ones you deleted. You can also refill texts for your phone....Good luck!

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Can you do anything about a Child that ran away to grandmothers?

Because you love them but dont have the money to support you.

My grandmothers furniture?

Would some dummy check stubs help..."Oh Gran, you remember that nice antique dealer came and bought it all."

How do you differentiate between grandmothers?

Maternal means from your mother's side and paternal means from your father's side... So, maternal grandma = your mother's mother paternal grandma = your father's mother, maternal uncle = your mo... Read More »

Why is my grandmothers skin very yellow at age 86?

check the scelera(white of the eye). is it yellow also? if so, it would definately indicate there is a condition which can turn the skin yellowish or orangish call caratenosis or carot... Read More »