What legal rights do grandmothers have without custody?

Answer That is a state to state issue. Grandparents are being allowed to go into court these days and get rights though. I added a couple links for you to visit for more information. Hope this helps.

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What is the relationship between 2 people whose grandmothers are sisters?

Two people whose grandmothers are sisters are Second Cousins.

What relation are you to your brother in laws wifes grandmothers husband?

If your brother-in-law is the brother of your spouse, his brother is also your brother-in-law. The daughter is your spouse's niece and therefore your niece as well.If your brother-in-law is the hus... Read More »

My grandmothers furniture?

Would some dummy check stubs help..."Oh Gran, you remember that nice antique dealer came and bought it all."

How do you differentiate between grandmothers?

Maternal means from your mother's side and paternal means from your father's side... So, maternal grandma = your mother's mother paternal grandma = your father's mother, maternal uncle = your mo... Read More »