What is my grandfather clock worth?

Answer On One Hand: Age and ConditionIn appraising the value of your grandfather clock an expert will take into consideration the age, condition, and relative rarity of the item. In 1670 an English clockm... Read More »

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What do you call the top piece on a grandfather clock?

The rounded piece of wood on top of a grandfather clock is usually called the bonnet. If the bonnet is "interrupted"---that is, if it has a gap in the middle---then it's called a pediment.Source:Th... Read More »

What metal is used for grandfather clock weights?

The weights in a grandfather clock help control the striking and chime mechanisms. Each weight is made of either lead or steel and covered in a brass casing for decorative purposes.References:Check... Read More »

How to Wind a Grandfather Clock?

Clocks made in the old-fashioned tradition require winding in order to operate. Digital clocks and watches run by batteries do not need to be wound because of memory stored in tiny chips within the... Read More »

How to Level a Grandfather Clock?

A grandfather clock is one of the more majestic timepieces found in a home. Usually constructed of solid wood and containing a brass movement and heavy weights, a grandfather clock requires a solid... Read More »